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    van Eijs

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  • "In the future Emotional and Spiritual Quotient are as important metrics as IQ."

  • About

    At home in different cultures

    I've lived in different countries Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland, child of a French mother and a Dutch father. Work experience in Austria, Belgium, Burundi, Benin, Canada, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, UK, USA

    Dedicated to learning, sharing, teaching

    I've lived and worked in many cultures, explored different industries and mastered multiple roles professionally - but there is one constant in my live: I always enjoyed helping people to grow as a coach, trainer, mentor or manager. And I always enjoyed to acquire new skills myself. Currently I adapt "a course in miracles" (famous book on spiritual transformation) to my coaching approach and I started with Salsa

    Passion for Sports​

    Physical activity is key to my wellbeing. I practice(d) with passion soccer (UEFAB trainer), hockey, athletics, swimming and skiing (active Swiss ski tutor) and hiking ...

  • Testimonials

    Baudouin Vaes

    Solution Leader and Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company

    "Jacques is a great coach. Thanks to his long experience and excellent social skills, he is able to understand you and to propose the right ideas and methodologies for continuous improvement. A real pleasure."

    Edna Didisheim

    Founder Cabinet Didisheim

    "J'ai eu le plaisir faire appel à Jacques pour mener des assessments en tant que co-observateur; j'ai pu profiter de ses connaissances et expériences larges, de son regard pointu et de son analyse fine sur les organisations et les individus.“

    Sebastien Daverio

    CFO Libertad

    "L’intérêt pour moi dans la démarche est de devenir conscient du rôle de l’inconscience ; de cela découle une prise de recul et une analyse d’une autre puissance de soi-même et des relations qui nous lient aux autres, tout ça pour mieux comprendre et anticiper ses réactions face à celles des autres; on change de dimension."

    Philippe Gras

    SAS Institute NV/SA

    "Jacques is a highly experienced consultant, very knowledgeable in all HR related matters. Jacques is an excellent facilitator of strategic meetings, able to facilitate CEO level meetings and come up with executable transformation plans. Jacques is an open and trustworthy person to work with.“

    Yeb-Jan Joustra

    Owner Joustra & Partners, Libanon Veteran

    "Thanks to his warm and open personality Jacques is able to create trust and a constructive work relationship at all levels. His creative and practical approach is a great contribution to the design and development of any type of program. I hope to work with him more in future."

    Julien Laurent

    PDG Libertat Holding

    "C'est un peu comme revenir aux fondamentaux, nos valeurs nos freins nos blessures. Combien de fois ai je entendu l'incompréhension dans certains de mes comportements. Comment pourraient-ils comprendre si moi même je ne comprends pas ou n'isole pas l'origine du problème ?

    La aussi j'ai pu expérimenter les conséquences, positivement cette fois de l'impact sur les autres suite à l'adaptation de mon comportement.“

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